Advanced Technology

When you seek care at our office, you are assured that Drs. Witt and Kurdian utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality of your dental care.

Single-Visit Crowns. Utilizing CAD/CAM technology, photographs are taken of your tooth using a computer wand which sends the information via blue tooth technology to a milling machine in the office. In 7-8 minutes, a strong, beautiful, accurate crown is ready to be permanently cemented in your mouth all for the same fee as a conventional crown.

Digital X-Rays. This method of taking x-rays requires less radiation than conventional x-rays. Also, a much larger and more accurate image is projected onto the computer screen than conventional x-rays for a more accurate diagnosis.

Electronic Claims Submission. As much as possible, we are a paperless office. By submitting your dental insurance claims electronically, you will receive a faster response when you request pre-determinations or payment, and electronic claims have a higher level of acceptance which means less out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Isolite. This device helps to hold your mouth open so you have less fatigue, it removes excess water, includes a light which improves visibility, keeps the teeth drier while placing restorations so that fillings last longer and require replacement less often, and blocks pieces of old fillings being removed from being swallowed.

Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening is often marketed as a single-dose, single hour procedure. However, optimal results require the most advanced materials, multiple applications (in a single appointment), and take-home trays for occasional touch-up treatments to maintain the in-office results. Zoom! is the system used on the television show, Extreme Makeover.

Diagnodent. A laser device that detects cavities while they are still very small, preventing larger and more costly restorations later.

Intraoral Photography. Photographs of your mouth can be taken which are projected onto the computer screen so that you can see what we see. If we recommend a restoration, you have the opportunity to see for yourself why it is necessary. It also allows us to see an enlarged image of the tooth which results in more refinement of our preparations and a better restoration for you.

Caries Detector. This is a stain that is placed on the tooth after a preparation is complete, but before the restoration is placed. By confirming with this stain that all of the decay is removed, the life spans of your fillings or crowns are dramatically increased.

Invisalign. Non-metal orthodontics (only appropriate in very select cases).

Rotary Endodontics. This technique significantly reduces the amount of time to complete a root canal compared to traditional root canal techniques, it is very accurate, very efficient, and results in less time in the dental chair for you.

Loupes. These are mini-binoculars that are incorporated into traditional eyeglass frames which dramatically improve visibility in the mouth. All of our hygienists and doctors wear loupes.

Nitrous-Oxide Sedation. This is a safe, conscious-sedation technique that can help anxious patients feel calm during treatment.

Identafi. A multi-spectral oral examination light developed specifically for the detection of oral cancer. Typically, dental offices charge $65-$75 per use. We believe that early detection of oral cancer is too important to risk missing over a sub-$100 fee. Therefore, we have elected NOT to assess the per visit fee.

Appointment Notification. Currently, we are making notifications by mail, email, text, and phone. This does result in multiple reminders for each appointment, so we trust this helps you not to forget the time that we have reserved specifically for you.